I LOVE MASCARA: Top 3 Brand Picks

Mascara is, hands down, my favorite cosmetic. For selfish reasons, I make it a point to continuously try new new brands– just in case technology develops something even grander than my old standard. As a professional Makeup Artist, however, my obsession with eyelashes serves practical purpose too.

Fifteen years of dedicated “research” has narrowed my mascara preferences to 3 best brands. My recommendations are based on effect, quality, and layering ability.

Formulated for use on eyelash extensions, but great for natural lashes too!

Xtreme Lash’s “Xtreme Volume Mascara” is formulated to work with Xtreme Lash Eyelash Extensions, but it’s seriously an awesome mascara for all lash types–especially oily skin types. This mascara is truly a water-based product. I say truly because many water-based products contain oil derivatives which can lead to clogged follicles, or skin tags around the eye area, in oily skin types; these oil derivatives are usually listed as containing a form of “glycol.” Sounds like some synthetic chemical or alcohol derivative, right? Nah, just oil. Companies do this because oil is a very inexpensive filler for thousands of household products; they figure what you didn’t know hasn’t hurt you thus far. However, Xtreme has a conscience and provides medical grade products to their clients. In addition, this formula is great for sensitive eyes.

Too Faced: Lash Injection Mascara

Too Faced’s “Lash Injection Extreme Thickening and Lengthening Mascara” is a fabulous, designer cosmetic. This mascara runs medium to high price-wise, but it’s worth the extra cash and a trip to Ulta. One coat provides really nice lash definition, but two makes for seriously bitchin’ lashes. Plus, it has a “real brush,” not one of those rubber wands that looks like an oversize dental pick, so the product coats the lashes evenly. If you feel like treating yourself to something fabulous, this is a great pick.

Best mascara Ev-er.

L’Oreal Paris’  “Voluminous Carbon Black Mascara” is my favorite mascara of all time. The formula is seriously perfect. I cannot confirm this, but I believe the mascara itself is probably the same as L’Oreal’s “Lash Architect Mascara,” which was tragically discontinued. At any rate, this mascara was made to be built upon and if you want a heavy mascara/ grunge/ London/ vintage look, this is an excellent choice. One coat yields well-defined lashes, but this formula must have been designed with mascara junkies (like me) in mind; normally, applying 2-5 coats of mascara throughout the day yields clumpy- stumpy lashes. However, this pick elongates and continues to thicken lashes no matter how many coats you do. Plus, it’s cheap and you can find it anywhere.

Honorable Mention goes to: Flirt “IT CURL,” “Diorshow” by Dior.


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