Liquid Pantyhose

I glared at the pantyhose display. In order to control or support my abdominals, I’d rather meet my bestie at the gym to gab between crunch sets — than to cram my body into a synthetic net. When I need to be energized, I’ll pop into Starbucks. Avoidance plagued my mind until my eyes rested upon the true solution to making ones legs look stellar: liquid pantyhose, by Studio 35. Their slogan advertises, “Bare legs…only better,” and it’s true. They continue, “It’s like pantyhose in a can,” and it is.

I was first introduced to this product during my best friend’s wedding. Before slipping into my dress, her sister-in-law tossed me the small, golden, aerosol can. I love trying new products, but stared at her reluctantly— if I dyed my hands, skin, or dress orange, the bride would kill me. However, once I saw the finished product, I quickly changed my mind. It literally looked like someone had applied airbrush makeup to her gams. I remembered this experience and snatched a can from the shelf.

Forty minutes later, I was freshly showered and scrubbed. I opened the hotel curtains for better light (natural light is really good for double checking product applications, tweezing brows, and even applying makeup) and propped my leg on the seat of a chair.

I sprayed the liquid into my palm, to the count of three-Mississippi, and quickly worked the product between my hands. I applied the solution to my lower leg in a rather circular motion. If there was any excess, I smeared it on my outer thighs. I did a second three-Mississippi spray and applied the product to my upper-outer thigh and worked inward. With any excess from this step, I covered my knee, feet, and ankles. After repeating this process on my left leg, I scrutinized my legs in the natural light to be sure that I hadn’t missed any spots and that the application was even.

Studio 35 states that the product dries “in 60 seconds” and it does. The residue easily washes off with soap and water, but stayed put on my legs for over 18 hours. Nothing rubbed off on my dress— I went to bed, slept on white linens, and the product never smeared or stained the sheets.

Perhaps my legs looked lovelier than they do in pantyhose because the color was more natural; I think it comes down to the basic reason why women opt to wear foundation on their faces rather than nylon stockings—only bank robbers and criminals would be caught like that.


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