80s Nails, Modern Lashes, and Choosing a Lash Stylist.

Xtreme Lash Eyelash Extensions are one of the hottest trends in the industry and are sported by celebrities such as Kim Kardashian. Xtreme Lashes are the world’s #1 brand for several reasons: Effect, longevity, quality, and safety. However, under-cutting competitors, peddling shoddy product, are doing to lashes what fungus did to nails in the 1980s.

For readers who side- stepped the ‘80s, like my little sister, economy product and inadequate sanitation practices caused a nail hullabaloo during this era. Running rampant was the spread of fungus–and HIV. Although acrylic nails were the white-hot trend, understandably, many clients quit having their nails done. Of course, not all nail techs offered botched or dangerous services. However, this stigma sullied the industry throughout into the 1990s. However, the problem has now created an inherent sense of standards. Clients are better educated and now know how to distinguish good nail salons from bad ones.

The standard that I want for you is the same one I offer my clients. 5 little questions will help you rule-out swindlers and highlight reputable lash stylists. Ask about:

  1. The Lashes: What are the lashes like? Ideally, they should be individually attached, not consisting of a 3-prong structure, so that they fall out naturally.
  2. The Adhesive: Many, many competitors are literally attaching lashes with superglue or other epoxies. This produces horrendous outcomes. Good lash stylists know about their products and are comfortable talking about how they work. After all, this product is going to be used near your eye! My adhesive is medical grade and was originally developed for surgical procedures.
  3. Maintenance: Lashes that are individually attached w/a quality adhesive physically cannot last longer than 6-8 weeks; this is the length of the hair growth cycle. Also, individually attached lashes fall out naturally, without pulling or damaging the lash bed, and will require fills between full sets. If someone offers lashes that do not require fills, or last longer than 6-8 weeks, run. They are either gluing the lashes to the skin w/ superglue, or are liars. No one likes a liar.
  4. Cost: High quality products are never inexpensive, so eyelash extensions shouldn’t cost less than $100/set. Ever.
  5. Portfolio: Good salon professionals offer clients a portfolio because they are proud of their work. Although experience often yields professionally photographed and re-touched photos, ask for “natural” before and after shots so that you can see how the lashes will really look.

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