Synthetic Dreadlocks

While attending a belly dance performance, I noticed girls sporting colorful or natural looking dreadlocks. The dreads themselves were locked nice and tight. Although each lock maintained its own “individuality,” they were sectioned in such a way that they appeared uniform and professional. For the tribal style belly dance performance, the dancers decorated their locks with flora and fauna and even added beads or shells for further affect. The elaborate styles were very eye catching and beautiful, but the girls’ natural hair remained in a state of detangled health.

I asked my friend where the girls got their dreads and she referred me to a girl named, Katie. “Katie,” I was delighted to learn, is a good friend and fellow alumni from our days at Paul Mitchell the School. Since receiving her Cosmetology license way back when, she has grown into a fabulous hairdresser, achieved her certification in massage therapy, and asserted herself as the #1 dreadlocks & creative extension specialist in Central Florida.

Her website, iKandi Hair Design, features the most impressive and quality dreadlocks portfolio I’ve seen to date. She is happy to provide in-salon SoCap fusion extensions to clients throughout Central Florida, but also creates custom hair pieces to ship to domestic & international clients. Katie’s products include an impressive array of extensions, wigs, and falls. In addition, her web site offers detailed information for wig and natural dreadlock maintenance.

I thought these hairpieces were just too cool not to share. Classic beauty is always in style, but it’s fun to mix things up in an exciting way. I think these pieces are great for: Dancers, Performers, Models, Costumes, Festivals, Photography and Individuals!

For more information & quotes on these fabulous (and reasonably priced!)  hair pieces, you can contact Katie directly.


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