Reader Write-In: False Eyelashes

Dear Ashley Evelyn,

I want to wear fake eyelashes but I can’t get them to go on right and if they do stick on they never stay on. How do I know what kind to get because they are always bigger than my eye? Help!!!


Dear A.T.,

False lashes appear tricky to master, but it’s much more simple than you think. Promise.

1. Gently remove lashes from the tray with a pair of tweezers.

2. Hold lashes to your eye to measure. You want them to basically match up with your natural lash bed. If lashes are too long for your eye, trim off a section or two until you reach the desired lash breadth.

3. Run a thin line of lash adhesive along the band and allow to dry for 30-60 seconds. This is the real secret.

4. Don’t apply the lashes to your eyelid. Rather, press into your lash line.

5. Repeat for other eye.

6. Finish the look/lock lashes in place by curling and swiping with mascara.


5 thoughts on “Reader Write-In: False Eyelashes

  1. Cutting them down to size, and blending them with mascara (including applying mascara on bottom lashes) is a surefire way of making them appear more natural – agreed!

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