Let’s Talk Robberies: Cars, Designer Bags & Missing Makeup/ Lash Kits.

Recently, upon completing an especially sweaty cardio routine, I left the gym to find my driver’s side window smashed. I watch television, and believed the cops might want to dust for fingerprints, so I refrained from touching the vehicle or tampering with the evidence/surfaces. The notion proved founded when the police arrived fifteen minutes later; they dusted for fingerprints–their boots crackled amongst the shattered glass.

I’ll skip the long montage of bursting into tears in front of my gym friend, hysterically requesting my Zumba teacher to dial 911, and the harsh realization that my main makeup & lash kit was stolen (worth over $1,000.00). As a small [mobile] business owner, I was devastated.

Also disillusioned and crushed was my inner-fashionista. My brand new, patent leather Coach tote was stolen and an array of assorted contents: my wallet along with everything you need when you’re leaving on a road trip within five hours. That was a double personal slam with all professional aspects aside; I was forced to postpone a trip to see my Mother and family and the precious bag my best friend purchased to commemorate my college graduation was gone for good.

The point of this post isn’t really a boo-boo session for Ms. Ashley Evelyn, although I’m starting to question the validity of this statement the more I re-read the last paragraph. Accidents like this really do come out of nowhere–and no countdown- to- vacation high can prevent such occurrences.

You can prevent this, or at least lower your risk, by learning from my blunders. Below is a mis-matched list containing afterthoughts & investigator tips.

Here are some things that I have learned:

-The “Towel Covering Technique” no longer works. In fact, tossing a towel over anything in your car probably automatically signals a green light to thieves.

-Always remove your purses, computer bags, wallets, and valuable items from the car. Not even once. I directly ignored my instinct and kicked myself repeatedly later.

-If you can’t take things with you, all important items belong in the trunk. Then again, maybe they belong in the garage? The house? Then again, what if the house is broken in to? Whatever. The thieves didn’t steal my treatment bed, resting in the trunk, but they took what they could see and steal quickly.

-If someone makes off with you credit cards, ID’s, and/or check book, it’s not enough to simply close accounts and reissue them under a new account number. Individuals looking to steal your identity are merely detained by switching accounts because all the information they need remains in the bank’s files. It sucks, but changing banks is the best way to keep your assets safe.

-Lake Mary PD is incredibly helpful, kind, and competent.


Asking a Makeup Artist to give you a discount, because you own makeup, is like asking a Surgeon for a price cut because you have your own Bandaids.

When one visits their doctor, they either face co-pays or pay out of pocket for the price of the office visit and additional tests. I happily pay my doctor for her services because I know she’s gone through a lot of schooling to become an expert in her field. Because I appreciate her judgment, and despite owning an array of medical supplies for work and home use, I trust that the products and implements she uses to treat me are of high quality and are of select purpose.

The same is true of Professional Makeup Artists.

As a professional, I purchase products with my clients’ best interest in mind. I consider quality, effect, purpose, and cost. In this way, I maintain high standards for makeup, lash, waxing, and tinting clients. Professional means professional products.

But, what about when clients also have access to “professional” makeup lines such as Urban Decay, Too Faced, or MAC? If clients bring their own products to makeup appointments, shouldn’t they get a discount?


Yes, a Makeup Artist’s kit does factor into his or her overhead. However, they more specifically charge for their skilled service.

In essence, asking a Makeup Artist to give you a discount, because you own makeup, is like asking a surgeon for a price cut because you have your own Bandaids.

80s Nails, Modern Lashes, and Choosing a Lash Stylist.

Xtreme Lash Eyelash Extensions are one of the hottest trends in the industry and are sported by celebrities such as Kim Kardashian. Xtreme Lashes are the world’s #1 brand for several reasons: Effect, longevity, quality, and safety. However, under-cutting competitors, peddling shoddy product, are doing to lashes what fungus did to nails in the 1980s.

For readers who side- stepped the ‘80s, like my little sister, economy product and inadequate sanitation practices caused a nail hullabaloo during this era. Running rampant was the spread of fungus–and HIV. Although acrylic nails were the white-hot trend, understandably, many clients quit having their nails done. Of course, not all nail techs offered botched or dangerous services. However, this stigma sullied the industry throughout into the 1990s. However, the problem has now created an inherent sense of standards. Clients are better educated and now know how to distinguish good nail salons from bad ones.

The standard that I want for you is the same one I offer my clients. 5 little questions will help you rule-out swindlers and highlight reputable lash stylists. Ask about:

  1. The Lashes: What are the lashes like? Ideally, they should be individually attached, not consisting of a 3-prong structure, so that they fall out naturally.
  2. The Adhesive: Many, many competitors are literally attaching lashes with superglue or other epoxies. This produces horrendous outcomes. Good lash stylists know about their products and are comfortable talking about how they work. After all, this product is going to be used near your eye! My adhesive is medical grade and was originally developed for surgical procedures.
  3. Maintenance: Lashes that are individually attached w/a quality adhesive physically cannot last longer than 6-8 weeks; this is the length of the hair growth cycle. Also, individually attached lashes fall out naturally, without pulling or damaging the lash bed, and will require fills between full sets. If someone offers lashes that do not require fills, or last longer than 6-8 weeks, run. They are either gluing the lashes to the skin w/ superglue, or are liars. No one likes a liar.
  4. Cost: High quality products are never inexpensive, so eyelash extensions shouldn’t cost less than $100/set. Ever.
  5. Portfolio: Good salon professionals offer clients a portfolio because they are proud of their work. Although experience often yields professionally photographed and re-touched photos, ask for “natural” before and after shots so that you can see how the lashes will really look.

I LOVE MASCARA: Top 3 Brand Picks

Mascara is, hands down, my favorite cosmetic. For selfish reasons, I make it a point to continuously try new new brands– just in case technology develops something even grander than my old standard. As a professional Makeup Artist, however, my obsession with eyelashes serves practical purpose too.

Fifteen years of dedicated “research” has narrowed my mascara preferences to 3 best brands. My recommendations are based on effect, quality, and layering ability.

Formulated for use on eyelash extensions, but great for natural lashes too!

Xtreme Lash’s “Xtreme Volume Mascara” is formulated to work with Xtreme Lash Eyelash Extensions, but it’s seriously an awesome mascara for all lash types–especially oily skin types. This mascara is truly a water-based product. I say truly because many water-based products contain oil derivatives which can lead to clogged follicles, or skin tags around the eye area, in oily skin types; these oil derivatives are usually listed as containing a form of “glycol.” Sounds like some synthetic chemical or alcohol derivative, right? Nah, just oil. Companies do this because oil is a very inexpensive filler for thousands of household products; they figure what you didn’t know hasn’t hurt you thus far. However, Xtreme has a conscience and provides medical grade products to their clients. In addition, this formula is great for sensitive eyes.

Too Faced: Lash Injection Mascara

Too Faced’s “Lash Injection Extreme Thickening and Lengthening Mascara” is a fabulous, designer cosmetic. This mascara runs medium to high price-wise, but it’s worth the extra cash and a trip to Ulta. One coat provides really nice lash definition, but two makes for seriously bitchin’ lashes. Plus, it has a “real brush,” not one of those rubber wands that looks like an oversize dental pick, so the product coats the lashes evenly. If you feel like treating yourself to something fabulous, this is a great pick.

Best mascara Ev-er.

L’Oreal Paris’  “Voluminous Carbon Black Mascara” is my favorite mascara of all time. The formula is seriously perfect. I cannot confirm this, but I believe the mascara itself is probably the same as L’Oreal’s “Lash Architect Mascara,” which was tragically discontinued. At any rate, this mascara was made to be built upon and if you want a heavy mascara/ grunge/ London/ vintage look, this is an excellent choice. One coat yields well-defined lashes, but this formula must have been designed with mascara junkies (like me) in mind; normally, applying 2-5 coats of mascara throughout the day yields clumpy- stumpy lashes. However, this pick elongates and continues to thicken lashes no matter how many coats you do. Plus, it’s cheap and you can find it anywhere.

Honorable Mention goes to: Flirt “IT CURL,” “Diorshow” by Dior.