Santa Brought Inspiration for Christmas!

I’m back! I hope you all had a beautiful holiday; I know I did. Since last posting, I’ve made what’s called an “interstate move,” from Orlando to Nashville, and been busy settling down– only to plow right through Christmas.


Santa Claus knew I had everything a girl could dream for: A loving family, a beautiful Lily Dog,  and a new winter wardrobe. However, he also knew that my beauty closet was MISTAKENLY packed away in portable storage units– including my professional brush sets– and I was suffering miserably. So, he took a trip to Ulta and got me several makeup GEMS.

Devout readers know that I’m a fan of Carbon Black Mascara, by L’oreal over expensive brands. However, Benefit’s They’re Real Mascara is my new favorite! The formula itself lengthens and thickens lashes, but the wand proved amazing as well.


I’ve generally avoided non-traditional wand styles, but this one separates lashes like a dream and coats evenly. In addition, the egg shaped ball at the tip of the wand creates the perfect tool to lengthen lashes with vertical strokes. I really like this product and encourage everyone who is frustrated by their mascara formula to grab a tube!


My second cosmetic introduction, of the season, was to the Australian originated line by Napoleon Perdis. I am in love with the neutral metallics shadow palette– and might have to go back for the purple one too! Sometimes, I feel like metallics look a little…funky. In a bad way. However, these finely milled pigments spread evenly and produce a glimmer suitable for a day at the office or a night on the town.


Aside from the gifts Santa Claus brought, I would also like to mention the makeup brushes I recently picked up at Target. E.L.F. brand brushes are a must have for anyone who wants a nice brush set, but doesn’t want to pay an arm and a leg for them! In fact, I like them better than some of the “professional” brushes I’ve purchased in the past. The selection is decent, the quality is good, and the price is right as they range from $1-$5 each! I especially love the contouring brush. This is a testament, once again, that you don’t always have to pay high dollar for quality tools and cosmetics; one often finds themselves paying for the brand name as opposed to the product’s actual value.

So happy to be back blogging! What fabulous cosmetics did Santa bring you this Christmas?


Eyebrows. And Thinking Too Much.

My eyebrows are more naturally askew than a mismatched pair of argyle— and striped socks. The right one grows smoothly and the left one looks like this:

Eyebrow design challenges aside, irregular brows present difficulties in day-to-day life. The problem is looking like an unkempt freak. In order to hang properly, like fresh-cut bangs, eyebrows need training.

I first tamed my unruly brows in 7th grade. I wasn’t allowed to pluck or wax them (or shave my legs either—yeah, I was that awkward girl), but Mom presented a can of hairspray and a brow comb. I thought she was seriously delusional until she pointed me to the makeup mirror and forced me to try her method. I looked awesome. I looked like this:

Fantasies aside, within a week, the wayward brows found themselves tamed.

I remembered middle school this morning as I applied my makeup. Rather than reaching for a defining pencil, I grasped a can of TIGI Hardhead Hairspray and a brow comb. A tiny spritz saturated the wand with plenty of product to comb both brows. In that moment, I missed the 90s: Yaga shirts, the Real Word Boston, the first Counting Crows album, and drinking sodas before carbs counted. I thought about friendships.

Some people will forever exist in the 90s. Some friendships only endure through Facebook. A strange paradox arises from the realization that change and regeneration excludes or accepts those around us… and although people come and go, my beauty practices remain the same.